About Political Parity

Swanee Hunt and Kerry Healey co-founded Political Parity in 2009 as a nonpartisan platform to accelerate the energies of dedicated leaders, researchers, and funders changing the face of US politics.  At that time, women made up just 18 percent of Congress and held only six governorships. Adding more women to national political office is not just a matter of representation; it’s our best chance to break the gridlock in Washington. Collectively, women bring a broad perspective to policymaking and wield a more collaborative approach than men alone.

Though the program concluded its research support in 2018, we continue to pursue our mission through thoughtful engagement with partner organizations, academic experts, advocates, women in high elected office, and those who seek to run and win.

Program Chairs

  • Swanee Hunt – Co-Chair
  • Kerry Healey – Co-Chair

Leadership Team

We welcomed more than 50 women at the top of the field to our Leadership Team. A diverse, bipartisan coalition of women leaders formed the very core of our program, strategizing and building relationships to support and inspire women candidates. We are proud of the diversity of experiences, backgrounds, and opinions on this Leadership Team. Members may disagree on all things but one: The importance of propelling women into high-level political office.

Although most members are affiliated with groups working in this field, they participate as individuals, not as representatives of any organization. Their presence in Political Parity does not imply endorsement or participation by any specific organization.

  • Sam Bennett
  • Kate Black
  • Glynda Carr
  • Mayree Clark
  • Alice Cohan
  • Roberta Combs
  • Julie Conway
  • Kelly Craighead
  • Janice Crouse
  • Erin Loos Cutraro
  • Tiffany Dufu
  • Lauren Embrey
  • Kate Farrar
  • Kellie Ferguson
  • Lulu Flores
  • Page Gardner
  • Jessica Grounds
  • Donna Hall
  • Lynn Hardy Yeakel
  • Mary Hughes
  • Maria Jobin Leeds
  • Courtney Johnson
  • Celinda Lake
  • Joy Lawson
  • Barbara Lee
  • Stacy Mason
  • Anita McBride

  • Winsome McIntosh
  • Karen Middleton
  • Pasha Moore
  • Alma Morales Riojas
  • Karen Mulhauser
  • Terry O’Neill
  • Kimberly Peeler-Allen
  • Thu Pham
  • Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner
  • Patti Russo
  • Ellie Smeal
  • Ellen Spencer Susman
  • Ann Stone
  • Robin Talbert
  • Amy Taylor
  • Rebecca Thompson
  • Helen Torres
  • Gloria Totten
  • Judy Van Rest
  • Ann Veneman
  • Erin Vilardi
  • Debbie Walsh
  • Susannah Wellford
  • Gov. Christie Todd Whitman
  • Jamia Wilson
  • Teresa Younger