Interview with Jill Stein

By Political Parity on October 29, 2015

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Marianne Schnall speaks with Jill Stein, one of the three women running for president in 2016. Stein, a member of the Green Party, also ran four years ago and earned the distinction of winning the most votes of any female presidential candidate to run in the general election. In this interview, she shares her insights into what it’s like to be a woman running for president and her thoughts on what has changed in the last four years in regards to women and the political climate. A former medical doctor, Stein describes her approach to leadership and politics as political medicine and why she feels everyday people need to get involved in the political process. She cites the influence of money as one of the major problems with politics today and that she feels America is ready to break away from the dysfunction of the traditional process.

I think people are taking their future into their own hands. And in that sense I think the political climate is very good for women, for African-Americans, for Latinos and for young people…and saying that we need to stand up on our own terms and really forge our way forward for the kind of future and security that we deserve.

Parts of this interview were used in a previous release, 3 Steps Closer to the Oval Office 

In this Oct. 24, 2011 photo, Jill Stein of Lexington, Mass. speaks during a news conference outside the Statehouse in Boston. Stein, a medical doctor who once ran against Mitt Romney for governor of Massachusetts says she has enough delegates to win the Green Party’s presidential nomination. The campaign of Jill Stein says she clinched the nomination after the California primary on Tuesday and now has won two-thirds of the delegates allocated. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

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