#FlipTheScript on Sexist Coverage of Female Political Candidates

By Political Parity on July 13, 2015

Ever found yourself in a really exciting moment and then something rains on your parade?

Brings to mind the current presidential campaign.

Today we have not one, not two, but three female candidates vying for our nation’s top job. How incredible is that? The prospect of having a woman president come 2017 is real.

Carly Fiorina

But, then there is this and this – the seemingly endless stream of sexist comments and actions towards women running for office.

And you’re left wondering… Really?!?

Is this how far we’ve come?

And I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that the problem goes far beyond the presidential stage. It’s happening at all levels of government where women are answering the call to public service.

Hillary Clinton

She Should Run and Political Parity share joint missions to dramatically increase the number of women in public office.

Is this how far we’ve come?

And part of that charge is shining a light on and calling out practices that distract from women’s pursuit of public leadership.

Research has shown that sexism, even mild sexist language, has a negative impact on voter opinions of female candidates and on how favorably voters feel toward a woman seeking office.

We must change the coverage and treatment of women in politics.

We must #flipthescript.

Jill Stein

We know that the world is a better place when we tap the full talent pool for political leadership. And we need 100% of America’s talent. But discussions about candidate qualifications shouldn’t be about the color of a woman’s shoes. They should be about her ability to serve.

Join She Should Run and Political Parity in the movement to #flipthescript in politics. It’s easy. Here’s how: when you come across political sexism on the web, follow these three quick steps…

  1. Take to social media to call it out.
  2. Use the hashtag #flipthescript.
  3. And then draw attention back to the female candidates’ qualifications and the issue.

Help us #flipthescript to make political dialogue involving female candidates about the candidate and her skills. Nothing more. And certainly nothing less.