Cong. Kuster’s Bipartisan Example

By Political Parity on November 4, 2013

Congresswoman Ann Kuster of New Hampshire’s 2nd Congressional district, elected in 2012 as part of New Hampshire’s all-female congressional delegation, shared some insight on her first year in Congress. Intent to solve problems in Washington, she sought finding partners on both sides of the aisle with whom she could tackle tough issues. She found a great ally in Representative Jackie Walorski of Indiana.

Along with Representative Kuster, more than 80 members of the House and Senate, Democrats and Republicans, have united with the No Labels organization. Recognizing the differing opinions of their constituents and the varied regions they represent, a growing number of legislators are seeking bipartisanship over Beltway politics.

“There’s something special about working with women.” Representative Kuster validates what research demonstrates. Women bring a different perspective and priorities to the table. They are more collaborative than their male colleagues, more often seeking common ground for common good.

The example highlighted by Representatives Kuster and Walorski exemplifies the impact we hope to see through our work at Political Parity. Congressional women demonstrate a willingness to work together. Whether it’s reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act or ending the shutdown, more women in high-level office means more results for all America.