Webinar: Women in the 2014 Midterm Elections

Nadia Farjood | Nov 13, 2014

“We need both parties to get to parity,” emphasized Parity Research Director Malliga Och, highlighting the gains for Republican women this cycle as a positive step forward for women’s representation. In the video above, get facts and analyses on the 2014 midterm election results from leading experts on women in politics: Malliga, Cynthia Terrell (Representation 2020), More »

VIDEO: How can we break America’s highest glass ceiling?

Nadia Farjood | Sep 12, 2014

Inspired by feminist.com Founder Marianne Schnall’s book What Will It Take To Make A Woman President?, Political Parity, Running Start and the Women Under Forty PAC convened some of the nation’s leading voices for a conversation on why a woman has yet to break America’s highest glass ceiling. In the video above: Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes More »

Q&A with Heather Arnet, Director of Madame Presidenta

Nadia Farjood | Jul 30, 2014

More than fifty women have run unsuccessfully for the U.S. presidency, yet across the globe, nearly 1 in 4 countries has elected a female head of state or government. Why not U.S.? In 2013, Heather Arnet, CEO of the Women and Girls Foundation, set out to answer this question. She traveled to Brazil—an emerging economic More »

Is it the Driver, or is it the Road?

The Parity Team | May 20, 2014

In politics, the driver’s perception of whether she will face smooth road conditions or endless detours and delays influence both her route and destination. More »

A Woman President? Support Women

Nadia Farjood and Stephen Eisele | May 16, 2014

We asked: “In a few words, what do you think it will take to make a woman president?” You answered: "Support women." More »