The Year of the Politician Mom

Marni Allen | Aug 11, 2014

Soccer moms, security moms, single moms—election rhetoric puts mothers into marketable boxes. They are a highly desirable demographic with the power to decide elections, if the parties and candidates can identify their needs. For most mothers, the highest priority is the well-being of children and family, regardless of the changing political or economic landscape. This More »

Is it the Driver, or is it the Road?

The Parity Team | May 20, 2014

In politics, the driver’s perception of whether she will face smooth road conditions or endless detours and delays influence both her route and destination. More »

Shifting Gears Launch

The Parity Team | May 19, 2014

Are women uninterested, unwilling, or uncertain? Or is the political system unresponsive and impenetrable? Ultimately, is the obstacle the driver or the road? More »

A Woman President? Support Women

Nadia Farjood and Stephen Eisele | May 16, 2014

We asked: “In a few words, what do you think it will take to make a woman president?” You answered: "Support women." More »

Q&A: MA State Sen. Sonia Chang-Díaz

Nadia Farjood | Mar 31, 2014

Political Parity’s Nadia Farjood recently met with Senator Sonia Chang-Díaz to glean her insights about Latinas in politics. Here’s what she had to say. More »