Political Parity is a nonpartisan platform accelerating the energies of dedicated leaders, researchers, and funders changing the face of US politics. With a Leadership Team of more than 50 women at the top of this field, we’re collectively elevating the number of women in the halls of Congress and governor’s mansions across the country. Currently, women make up just 18 percent of Congress and hold only 6 governorships. Adding more women to national political office is not just a matter of representation — with Congressional approval holding steady at 15 percent, it’s our best chance to break the gridlock in Washington. Collectively, women bring a broad perspective to policymaking and wield a more collaborative approach than men alone.

Though Parity will be winding down over the next year, we look forward to thoughtfully engaging leading voices and completing a major research project to serve as a lasting contribution to the advancement of women’s political leadership. While the project may be completing, our mission continues through the voices of our partner organizations and the research we led.

Convening the Grass Tops

We’ve assembled a diverse, bipartisan coalition of top women in this field and provided these leaders with a new, innovative platform where they can strategize and build relationships.


We’ve assembled a bipartisan Leadership Team of top women in this field, composed of 25 percent Republicans and 18 percent women of color.

Exchanging Strategies and Inspiring the Wider Universe

Our program weaves reciprocal exchanges of information, resources, and inspiration among potential women candidates, members of the media, and the individuals and organizations that will support them.


Over the past four years, we’ve incubated two pioneering national projects to increase the number of women appointed to top government posts (Women’s Appointments Project) and change media portrayals of women candidates (Name It. Change It.). We also partner with She Should Run for a Twitter campaign to #FlipTheScript on the sexist coverage facing female candidates.

Pursuing Research

Political Parity supports groundbreaking research to test innovative ideas and strengthen our understanding of strategies to elect women to high-level political office.


Our program launched a map of every resource available to women who want to run for office, an inventory of research on women in politics, innovative studies examining women’s motivations for and barriers to running for office, and an exploration of states that have elected multiple women to the Senate or governorships.

Engaging Donors

By brokering support for groundbreaking research studies and large scale convenings, we can propel women into office in record numbers.


We’re proud to have garnered significant financial backing ($250,000) for the launch of Name It. Change It., and received a sponsoring gift for a think tank at the Republican National Convention from a Democratic donor.

We don’t train, fund, or endorse specific candidates.