We’ve assembled a diverse, bipartisan coalition of women leaders; established reciprocal exchanges of information, resources, and inspiration; produced critical research; and brokered financial support for the most innovative strategies to get women into office. Our efforts have already sparked a wide range of projects, research, and events, including:

Innovative Projects

  • Name It. Change It. Spearheaded by She Should Run, the Women’s Media Center, and Political Parity, the project coordinates national responses to instances of media sexism directed toward female candidates.
  • Politics Resource Map We partnered with the Center for American Women in Politics to create a state-by-state list of resources for women who want to run for office.
  • Women’s Appointments Project In collaboration with multiple groups, we are seeking pledges from gubernatorial candidates to appoint women to half of their highest-level cabinet positions.

Crucial Research

  • Research Inventory Intended for political leaders, campaign professionals, journalists, scholars, and the general public, the inventory provides a systematic review of current and past research in the field of women and American politics.
  • Twin States: A Multiplier Effect The study addresses an important, unanswered question in the field of women in politics: Are high-level elected women randomly distributed, or are there measurable factors driving their success in particular states?
  • Steps to the Capitol: Women’s Political Paths An examination of the motivators and obstacles female candidates and elected officials consider when deciding whether or not to run for higher office.

Inspiring Events

  • Unconventional Women In connection with the Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention, we brought together 100 Republican leaders and, a week later, 100 Democratic leaders to create a unified voice in support of visionary women shaping politics.
  • Media Launch Our ten-year initiative to double the number of women elected to higher office in America publicly launched in January 2012 at a National Press Club event that featured several of our Leadership Team members.